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I have produced a wide variety of crafts and artwork.  All items are hand crafted in Jersey and unique.

New items for 2017

Since March 1015 I have a sales area at the Harbour Gallery, St Aubin, Jersey where I have a wide range of creations on sale, from knitted to needlefelt, textile to paintings.

I am full of ideas for new ranges this year.  I will be extending my range of needle felting, having started making stargazing hares and knitted unicorn hood and scarves.  

Needle felting is a technique where you use different sized barbed needles and repeatedly stab a ball of wool fiber till it compacts and forms a shape.  It is very versatile being used from clothing to jewellery and sculpture.  It is very therapeutic but can take hours and I have lots of puncture wounds in my fingers as a result.  My sheep and penguins have been particularly popular.

Clay art is using the same techniques used for the jewellery and other clay items, but are placed in a frame or mounted on canvas for form a work of art.  I am not aware of any other artists in Jersey using this technique and I was inspired on my trip to New Zealand where I saw clay art by a very talented artist.  My work a completely different style, but used his ideas as inspiration.  My clay fish canvases have been very popular.

I bought a lovely small enamelled watercolour at Vannes market in Brittany, France many years ago and was fascinated in how the affect was achieved.  The artist did try to explain it to us, but she had no English and my French was limited.  I bought another 2 pieces from her some years later and was determined to experiment to produce something similar.  The result is small original watercolour paintings, covered in a domed glass like substance and framed without glass.  As far as I know I am  the only Jersey artist using this technique.

As always comments, suggestions and commissions are welcome.  My commissions to date include making quilts for special occasions (weddings, births and celebration birthdays), paintings of people's houses, and jewellery to client's specifications.  I recently completed a felted likeness of my Friend's dog for her birthday.  If you have seen any item which you like but in a different colour, shape or size, please feel free to contact me to discuss it.  The time required to complete a commission will depend on the nature of the item; quilts may take weeks or months depending on size and complexity, jewellery or paintings may take up to a week to complete.

This is only a selection of my creations, more categories and items are being added all the time, so please keep looking.  I am constantly coming up with new ideas, and working on new things.  

Feel free to let me know your comments.  All feedback is welcomed and comments will be considered.


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